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Dog Sitting

 Fido knew something was up!  His humans had pulled out those odd bags again.  He hates this time of year.  They all seem so happy to put their items in the bags, Fido just wants to get in the bag and go too.  As his pet parents leave, Fido is puzzled as he didn't get taken to that place with the cages and all those other dogs.  

A few hours later he here's a car pull up.  Looking out the window he can see someone getting out and coming to the door.  The door opens and it is that really nice dog lady he met a few weeks ago!  His tail wagging,  she greets him with a treat and gets his leash to go for a walk.    

The dog pet sit is our most popular choice.  Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings,  and play.  Most dogs require 2-4 no time limit professional pet sitting visits per day.


While your professional pet sitter is visiting your dog(s) they will be fed, receive a walk, playtime, or a light grooming based on their custom designed dog sitting program. 

It is not about the tick-tock on the clock, it is about how much happy tail wag is in the walk!   

Doggie DateNites

Evenings can be especially difficult for our dog clients.  The reason for this is evening times are when his family pack is usually home.  The kids are running around, television on, dinner being made.  For some dogs, being left alone in the evening in a silent house that is normally busy is stressful.

 This is an extended pet sitting option for those dogs who need a lot more than just a visit.  Your trained, professional pet sitter stops in takes them out on a "Fido date" to dog friendly areas around the city, dog park, the lake,  a long walk in the Cleveland Metropark, trip to a pet store, etc.  Then returns them home by 9pm and tucks them in with a special treat and a good night kiss!   These DateNites work very well as they bring Fido home happy and tired ready for bed.  

A tired dog is a happy dog!


Fido's Bed & Breakfast

 What could be more fun than a night at Fido's Bed & Breakfast!?!  This overnight option is provided by select service providers on our team.  Your dog will stay at the sitter's home and have the time of their lives on their own doggy vacation.  

Each location offers different amenities for your furry friend, from backyard hiking trails to football long fetch areas.  Fido will be treated as part of the family. 

Given our locations all dogs require core vaccines, bordatella, and parainfluenza . 

Dogs will be evaluated for suitability for this option and must be trained/housebroken and friendly.

Riley answers: What to bring for a stay at Fido's Bed & Breakfast? 

The Cat Sit

 Those of us owned by cats know many of them are on a routine and disrupting their routines can be very stressful for felines. Many cats are accustomed to human companionship and over the course of history, we have more or less bred them to be great companions.  

While we are cat sitting your Finicky Feline, we will do all the routine things for them during their visit, we will also engage them in play and interaction if they desire,  we may turn on a TV or radio for them as well.

So if you return home to find your radio tuned to a classical music station, don't be surprised. 

Click Here for Some helpful hints about pilling your cat from the owner, Beth Pasek of Finicky Feline & Fido!  


 After finding Beth, I know that there is no one else I'd trust nearly as much to watch my babies while we're gone. She's more than just a cat sitter, she is a knowledge source for when things are wrong with your pet that you just can't see yet. She's also amazingly supportive and will be there for you if you have to put your pet down (which she was when we unfortunately had to). I know my babies are not just a job or a stop, but an enjoyment for both her and the cats.  

 ~~Karen Rudolff, North Olmsted


I just wanted to let you know that Buddy and I just went for a 4 mile walk- it was the most enjoyable time I've had in a VERY long time! There was slack in his leash the entire time, he was a perfect gentleman when we met up with other people and or pets, and he wagged his tail the whole time. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into training him! I'm very excited to have such a well-behaved best bud along ...

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know about our outing!
Enjoy your holiday weekend!
~~Denise Patay, Olmsted Falls


Looking for more testimonials?  You can find them on Angie's List!  Did you know we're a 3 time Super Service Award Winner?  

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