Structured Dog Walking

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Structured Dog Walk Training

Do you find your dog needs some extra attention on his walks?  

Is your dog high energy and needs a visit that is more than just a potty break? 

Structured Dog Walking starts with the first 10 leash lessons and 10 day commitment from you.  During these first few days we will be working to extinguish the bad behaviors, instill new behaviors, and reconnect you and your dog as a team.  All of these lessons happen in your home and in your neighborhood or backyard.  The real life, real situations that challenge you and your dog.  

Our positive based and balanced leash manners program is designed to be effective, easy to understand, and repeatable by everyone in the family.  

Cost for the 10 program $300   

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Dog Walking

 Your dog will be assigned his own trained Fido Dog Walker.  All our Fido dog walkers are trained on the 5 basic components of great dog walks!  We start with the crate/door exit to sit, stop, recall, go sniff, and most importantly FUN!  

Our 30 minute Structured Dog Walk is the quintessential neighborhood dog walk.  This walk is about getting the business of the afternoon done and getting in that tail-wagging dog walk.  These sessions include our leashed proprietary program done within your neighborhood.  

Individual walks $20 per walk.  Become a monthly subscriber and save.

  • 4 walks/ week  $300/month $18.75 per walk (save $20)
  • 5 walks/week $350/month $17.50 per walk (save $50)

The Structured Dog Visit is our premium program.  On these visits we go beyond the neighborhood and get your dog really out there for the afternoon dog walking in Rocky River Reservation.  We visit local parks, the lake, a pet store, or coordinate Happiness Visits with your veterinarian (additional charges may apply,)  

Individual walks $25 per walk.

  • 5 walks/week    $450/month (save $50)

Talk to us and let us know which program is right for you.  We can mix and match within both programs to come up with a dog walking program that fits your needs. 


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My dog walker works with my dog on leash manners, what makes your Structured Dog Walking so different?

Our Structured Dog Walking program is designed to help your dog not only obey, but learn to be a great dog walking companion.  We do this through the use of clickers, food, and shaping cues.  We then follow up with you, teaching you the techniques that will make for a great walking companion.  

What is the goal of Structured Dog Walking?

The goal of the structured dog walk is to create a pleasant walking experience for you and your dog.  If your dog:

  •  pulls, 
  • does not respond to on leash recall, 
  • wants to walk everywhere where you are not, 
  • and you consider taking your dog for a walk a nightmare, chore, or something you avoid at all costs; 

Give your dog and yourself,  the gift of a Structured Dog Walk that can change all of that for you and your dog.  

I walk my dog, but he just never seems to slow down!  Will Structured Dog Walking help with his energy levels?

Yes, Structured Dog Walking means we will create a plan to burn off his energy, train, and keep him engaged both in mind and body.  This way he comes back from his walk a tired and happy dog!


 I just wanted to let you know Jerry and I had a wonderful walk today.  While we were walking we met another dog owner and his dog.  His dog was all over the place!  Jerry was well behaved.  The dog owner was impressed by Jerry, so I gave him your information.  I hope you hear from him.  You are the best!   (10 day program) ~~Paula & Jerry, Rocky River  10/2018

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending me that link and information about further training for Penny, it has been so helpful, we really have been working with her - and I know your have made great strides with Penny as well! We actually took her to a Christmas tree lighting and caroling at a park with lots of people and she did great - lots of socialization for her! She did bark loudly once when a large double stroller came our way but that was it! So I just wanted to say thanks again for educating us, and thanks for all of your hard work with Penny. ~~Jessica & Pete, Westlake

It was like somebody flipped a switch on him!    ~~Rocky's Mom, Westlake, Oh 

(This came after having worked with a trainer and been told to rehome their 7 month old puppy.  We are so very happy for Rocky that the situation is looking so much better for him and his loving family!)