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As a pet sitter in Cleveland,  cats are not the side liners in our business, they were and still are the foundation of our business.  Being  a professional cat sitter and foster mom for over 9 years, I am familiar with all the behavior signals.  I have the kitty mojo to work with almost any cat as their professional cat sitter in Cleveland and the surrounding Westside. 


Cat Sitting is far more than just someone running in to drop some food and scoop the box!   As such, we provide a no time limit visit for our furry felines.  We stay until we're sure that purr is happening, they've had some lap time and play time!   Those of us owned by cats, understand there is far more to our furry felines.  As Cleveland's only dedicated cat sitting company near you, we get their catitude.  

We understand you've been searching for the purrfect pet sitter for CATS.  Well you are here and welcome to the Cleveland pet sitting company that speaks MEOW.  

We can handle most feline needs, communicate with cat loving pet parents in the language of cat, administer most medications if needed, recognize illness symptoms that sometimes our client's don't even recognize!  Check out our reviews across the web and you will witness what we're talking about.  

We get cats and we get cat owners.  

Here is just one example:   Molly

Rates start at $20 for up to 3 felines.

Each additional cat is $2.50

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We provide daily visits in your cat's own home for their safety and comfort.  

Does your cat sleep with you?  We can do overnights and purrjama parties with them too. 

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