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We are happy and proud to be a local service award winning company 

leading the way in the pet sitting industry.  

Our quality of care is our measuring stick, not the tick-tock on the clock.  

Vacation planning shouldn't leave you worrying about the cat or dog.  Booking with a pet care specialist from Finicky Feline & Fido can make your vacation more enjoyable and worry free.  


Quality over quantity, 

all-inclusive pet visits, 


photo updates at the end of every visit,

online booking

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About Us

No Upcharges

Finicky Feline & Fido has never upcharged for giving medication,  walks or extra time doing pet sits.

Online Scheduling

Your pet updates come directly to your email, immediately after every visit.  Most updates will contain a picture of your pet and the GPS location of your sitter.  Even a map of the dog walk that was completed!

Veterinarian Recommended

Dog Sitter near me

You can see through our Facebook Page we welcome clients from the Westlake /Banfield Animal Hospital and the Animal Behavior Clinic.